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I am writing to let you know that the bi-annual health fair that is conducted in my office has been an excellent source of help to me during a very difficult time in my life. I first met with the team two years ago and last year I was diagnosed with high cholesterol through the health fair. a glucose/cholesterol test was taken and I was able to follow up with my practitioner. I was able to catch a very serious problem in time and have made tremendous progress since then. they joined us again today and I was so excited to see the team. they all remembered me and they really put a smile on my face. I thanked them all and wanted to let you know personally. thank you so much again.

An Employee

I want to thank you for the health and rejuvenation fair. Everything was well organized, the food was great, the decoration etc. employees appreciated all that was done and most importantly the information that they obtained. It was fun and educational. The best health fair we have had so far. I look forward to working with you again next year.

HR Manager

I wanted to express my gratitude for the great health fairs you coordinated at our NY and NJ locations. When I returned to my desk, there were many emails from employees indicating that they thought this was the best health fair we have had and they truly enjoyed it. Thanks again for a job well done!!


The health fair went exceptionally well today. Thank you. I really appreciate you setting this up and helping all our employees start the holiday season stress-free. Thank you so much for facilitating the health and rejuvenation fair. it was amazing, everything from the setup, the balloons, the music and of course the food! We had excellent attendance, and all participants seemed to benefit from the day. You have been wonderful to work with: organized, accessible and enthusiastic.


The Health and Wellness Fair has made such a positive impact with the UNFPA colleagues. They really appreciate that the organization takes care of them. In these times when employees are too stressed and busy to go to see a doctor or to take care of recurrent problems in offices like back problems, foot problems, high blood pressure… the health fair has been the opportunity for our colleagues to stop and think about their well-being. In addition to that, the health and wellness fair has become a very nice meeting point for our staff, facilitating the opportunity to meet and talk with colleagues with whom you normally would have not interacted before. Our staff just love the health and wellness fair!

HR Manager

“The health fair was a big hit! Our tenants were very pleased and we had a great turnout. They welcomed the information, counseling and free services provided. We are very happy with the services provided by your company, and will surely work with you again!”


“We really appreciated EMG coming to speak with our company about healthy living. They set up an interactive and educational health fair for us that allowed each of our employees a chance to improve their overall health and fitness. All the EMG vendors were professional and knowledgeable about their fields and were a pleasure to interact with. We enjoyed hearing them speak about their various medical fields and we received great feedback from our employees about each of the booths showcased during the event. Our employees found the food sensitivity testing particularly interesting and definitely enjoyed the lunch provided by EMG! Thanks for such a great event!”

Global Consulting Company

“Thank you for taking the time to come in and organize our 2017 Health and Wellness Fair. This program was such a success last year that we decided to hold it once again. Here at Mizuho Capital Markets Corp. our main priority is the health and happiness of our employees; This program allows us to do both. The healthcare providers were very friendly, professional and extremely informative. This event gave our employee morale a major boost. Our employees work so hard that many times it is difficult to take the time to take proper care of their health and do the research to find the right providers. By holding this event we gave them the opportunity to learn about benefits they didn’t even know they had and in the process gave them the satisfaction of knowing their employer has their best interest in mind by providing them with the best benefits possible. From the free massages to the tasty healthy snacks, the raffles/prizes and the goodie bags this event was an exciting and educational opportunity for Mizuho Capital Markets employees. Once again, I’d like to express my gratitude on behalf of all our employees at Mizuho.”


“I would like to Thank everyone over at EMG Health Fairs for visiting our offices and setting up a fantastic event for our staff. Putting the event together was seamless and everyone that works there is always helpful. The Health Fair had exhibitors who were knowledgeable and interactive and our employees really enjoyed access to the massage, Body Fat Test, and Bone Density testing. We had a great turnout and a lot of participation based on the quality of exhibitors. Thank you. We look forward to working with EMG again in the future.”