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Meet the President of EMG Health Fairs

About Yaniv Wanerman

Yaniv Wanerman is an Artist, inventor and entrepreneur who founded EMG Health Fairs in 2006 with its main purpose being:

To bring a new era of increased Staff and Tenant Health and Wellness, by delivering excellent health and wellness events that provide the staff and tenants with the knowledge and the means they need to succeed in improving their overall health.

Yaniv was born in Israel in 1975 in a small community. He served in the military.

Yaniv’s passion was helping others & doing all that is possible to help as many individuals to improve their spiritual and physical health.

As part of this drive to make a difference in people’s lives, Yaniv has assisted the bettering of lives of thousands of people.

The team at EMG health fairs together with Yaniv has been involved in working on projects related to bettering the health & wellness of tens of thousands of employees in many companies such as S&P Global (Standard & Poors Global), Elizabeth Arden, Unicredit, Unicef, United Nations Women.

Yaniv has been involved in Projects such as Lobby Health & Wellness events for the entire tenant base populations of many large office buildings in NYC and coordinating these events with many companies such as The Paramount Group Inc., Hines, CBRE & more…

From his position as President of EMG Health Fairs, Yaniv is responsible for ensuring the standard and quality of delivery of health & wellness events and keeping the company standards consistent and the and wellness solutions working.

Yaniv is also a major contributor and supporter of social betterment and humanitarian programs and is dedicated to continuing his support to help uplift the individual the group and the civilization.

Active in many personal activities such as reading, swimming, running Yaniv is very much a family man.

Yaniv’s main goal is having a civilization without war and without criminality where people are free to create and expand and flourish and prosper, where Artists are supported and encouraged to create a better positive future for every person and for our children, where people are not suppressed by unethical individuals and groups and where suppressive groups will not be tolerated. He wants a safe environment where people can live in peace with one another and where children grow up in a world where people support and help one another.