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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of having a Health Fair?

A Health Fair can bring about:

  • Provide solutions for reduction of stress increased employee admiration & appreciation for the Human Resources, the firm’s management team or Property Management team.
  • Improved employee morale.Increased employee productivity.
  • Decreased rate of illness/injury.
  • Reduced absenteeism.
  • Reduced stress levels.
  • Increased employee & tenant’s happiness and wellbeing at the workplace and in life.
  • Improved employee and tenant’s ability to take better care of themselves.
  • Helps employees & tenants with solutions for weight loss and weight management help employees & tenants with natural solutions to increase energy levels.
  • Increase employee’s awareness regarding health & wellness issues & what to do to better them.
  • Screenings at a Health fair can help with spotting indicators of potential health issues so an employee can get some idea and predictions on handling such future conditions.

Are your Health & Wellness vendors prescreend ?
  • EMG Health Fairs has many professional health & wellness exhibitors in our pool.
  • Our exhibitors are prescreened for professionalism, & have a true purpose to help.
  • Over our 12 years of experience, we formulated a set of standards that our exhibitors must adhere to in order to be part of our pool of professionals.
  • Our health & wellness exhibitors have the purpose of taking care of the employee individual needs. We take full possibility to ensure that a high quality of service is at the core of our exhibitor’s.
  • Generally, our exhibitors have a lot of experience in delivering events and are not pushy but very willing to help educate and serve and assist employees with what they need & want. We want to ensure everybody wins.

More questions and answers coming soon.